Tommy Boy (tommyboybbi) wrote in cd_swappers,
Tommy Boy

newbie with cd's

It's great to find a swap group at lj.

I have several cd's that I have acquired through work.

this is a sample list of cd's that I have.
The Red Jumpsuit apparatus don't you fake it
stevie ray vaughan and double trouble . the real deal: greatest hits
yes the definitive rock collection
grammy nominees 2007
michael w. smith stand
matt redman beautiful news
pillar the reckoning
nickelback all the right reasons
doobie brothers  the very best of
dierks bentley  long trip alone
elton john  rocket man * number ones

If you are interested in any of the above please let me know what you have in trade.

I ship all cd's on Saturday in bubble like envelopes.
US only ... please.
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